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Information Technology &

Medical Research 

Eifer Corp provides exceptional technology solutions and contract research services for government agencies, healthcare organizations and integrated delivery systems.


Information Technology Solutions

Data Integration Solutions

Our services in data integration includes bringing together data from a wide variety of source systems with disparate formats, cleaning data based on business rules, and transforming.

Cloud Solutions

We at Eifer Corp provide partial or complete cloud migration solutions providing the speed, agility and freedom to experiment for your business needs. Our experts have experience in granular planning and cross-platform understanding for your cloud migrations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We will help you design, construct and maintain powerful analytical tools and solution that leverages your existing systems that enables strategically focused planning which can offer insights into the competitive markets.

DevOps Solutions

DevOps and Automation become viable with cloud migrations and our DevOps engineers can drive improvement by understanding the requirements of the applications adding value for your enterprise environment.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software allows the capture and interpretation of a business process (which involves existing applications for transaction processing, analytics, and data manipulation.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

We help our clients with framing the best and most effective AI platforms as per your requirements. No matter what your goal, whether it is increasing sales or improving marketing performance, we at Eifer corp can help you with everything.

Providing high-quality enterprise solutions.

Medical and Healthcare Expertise

Advanced Biomarker Assays

We offer comprehensive access to cellomic, immunomic and genomic assays including but not limited to multicolor flow and mass cytometry, genomic expression analysis (Nanostring and RNA Seq), and multiplex cytokine analysis (including Luminex ™).

Precision Drug Monitoring

We provide custom solutions for drug testing (pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic assays) in a broad range of analytes including blood, serum, urine, saliva, sweat as well as biomaterials and tissues (skin, muscle etc).
Our access to advanced instumentation provides researchers options for routine testing plus targeted quantitition.

Some examples include next-generation, high-resolution mass spectrometers (Orbitrap ™, Agilent ™ and Sciex ™).

Imaging Technologies

Our broad range of imaging tools are capable of sensitive, specific and simultaneous detection of multiple markers on a single tissue section as well as elucidate cell composition, cellular tracking and cell‐cell interactions. All these techniques have the immediate potential for translational research and clinical practice.

Immunopathology Services

We at Eifer Corp Provide Immunopathology Services Among these techniques include most comprehensive histopathology, multiplex Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence (mIHC/IF) and with high‐throughput multiplex staining and standardized quantitative analysis for highly reproducible, efficient and cost‐effective tissue studies.


Eifer Corp, started in 2015 is a woman owned small business with certified SBA 8(a) and 8(a) STARS III.

At Eifer Corp, we believe that effective communication is key to successful delivery of results.

We use a distributed team approach to help start up projects quickly and complete studies efficiently. We simultaneously manage studies from the initial planning and design phase to ongoing research execution to final report submission. Our well established procedures, protocols, project controls and management approach ensures on-time, on-budget, high-quality deliverables on every project.


Let’s get together and do something amazing….


Eifer Corp aims to improve client business outcomes by providing Impact solutions. We work with simple principle: Client first, Less complex solutions, Improved ROI.Eifer Corp’s mission is driven by a commitment to exceeding expectations of our partners, clients, and sponsors. Our goal is to facilitate solutions and deliver cost-effective, quality assured, time sensitive results.

We help our customers navigate complex and ambitious project goals and challenges using innovative and cutting-edge methodologies through a multi-disciplinary team approach.


Our sponsors, research partners and clients rely on us for solutions and services that are custom designed for their unique needs.

We offer a full range of capabilities starting from project planning and design to management and execution.

Our team approach is flexible, agile and capable, enabling quality results that adhere to program specific deliverables.

Our established relationships with academic, federal, and industry partners allow us to provide you access to collaborations that can synergize with and accelerate your project goals and milestones.

Discuss your program needs with us and we will closely work with you to formulate a customized, cost-effective, quality-assured strategy that meets your programmatic, scientific and funding guideline.


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