Business Intelligence and Analytics
We will help you design, construct and maintain a powerful analytical solution that leverages your existing systems; enables strategically focused planning; offers insight into competitive markets; and provides on-the-fly reporting aligned with your organizational priorities and business needs. Our approach to BI emphasizes the intrinsic value of a clear business strategy leveraging on latest technology. Our experts support Business Intelligence reports and generate dashboards using a wide range of tools to fit your business needs.

Based on our proven track record in different domains, we can successfully integrate various disparate IT systems to talk to our BI platform and load legacy data, daily transactional facts, zillions of terabytes of data into our BI platform to help us define KPIs, generate complex reports that help in making a key business decision.

BI systems are typically used to monitor business conditions, track Key performance indicators (KPIs) and aid as Decision Support Systems.

Many of America’s most successful enterprises have learned that they live in a data economy and that using advanced analytics to monetize their data assets is the best way to achieve peak business health. Whether non-profit or for-profit, enterprises that learn how to use the full capabilities of today’s analytics will be best positioned to meet the challenges of the future. We help understand your current state of analytics maturity and provide solutions in operational analytics, financial analytics, and automated solutions using AI.
How Can We Help?
Unleash the potential of Big Data by gaining access to relevant insights with Data Science services, providing informed decisions in a timely fashion in a fast-changing environment. Eifer Corp offers data analytics solutions that can uncover patterns, discover trends and relationships to predict outcomes by successfully incorporating cutting edge technologies.
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Who We Are

Eifer Corp, started in 2015 is a woman owned small business with certified SBA 8(a) and 8(a) STARS III. We provide optimized IT and Analytics solutions to improve clients’ return on investment (ROI). We help our clients overcome the challenges posed by constant advances in technology, heightened regulations, and demands for greater transparency by providing high-quality enterprise solutions. We encourage a culture of excellence in every project promoting a strong sense of relationship with our clients. Our experienced team works with a vision to enable our clients with solutions that lead better processes and better decision making.



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